Wow! You got Flash!

Sorry about my broken english firs………
Hi, Jae. You have Flash intro. That was great. Amazing!
But don’t try too much. You are an architect.
Well, well, well…………..I haven’t added your link on my web site. Remember the teriyaki restaurant. However, I think I can add your link in a couple of hours. I’m sorry. I’ve been lazy these days. I was exhausted. The URL is…….uh…..
I made a little bit of change on your photo. I don’t know if you like the change….but my excuse would be…..”I just like blurry image, and Strangelly enough, blurred images seem to takes less space, and the text looks more clear on blurry images”
Please understand that, and take a look at the joint work of us.

Thank you.
Enjoy your life in Seoul. I miss Korea so much…….

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